Tying Speargun Bands


 By David Hochman

 Tying speargun bands is a simple task that you will learn to do easily.  After a few times of doing it you will be confident in your bands. You will save yourself time and money by doing it yourself and won’t need to rely on any one else. Supplies needed are: 1. Band tying line  2. A wishbone, (I prefer dynema as it is strong and will not cause injury to your finger if the shaft notch is missed while loading the gun). 3. A lighter 4. A pair of needle nose pliers.

There are a lot of internet sources that sell the material. One of the more organized sources is Mako.

The link to their page is:  imagesCAS9K4NH

The constrictor knot is the standard knot used.


tying bands

constrictor knot



Insert the wishbone end into the rubber. You can use a tool like the one pictured bellow or just use needle nose pliers. Make sure you use a little soap and water to insert the wishbone into the rubber. It’s a good idea to wear a glove on the hand that is holding the rubber for safety.




 Tie the constrictor knot onto the rubber end. (tie this knot one time per end)




Pull the knot as tight as possible with the use of the pliers.




Tie an over hand knot with your two ends, cut and melt them with the lighter. Repeat on the other side. That’s it, it is that easy!