Fin Keeper’s

Fin Keepers

Fin Keepers

The simple things in life often turn out to be the most useful and Fin Keepers are a perfect example. I’m amazed how often new divers haven’t heard of them. They are a simple, inexpensive concept that work great, last for years, yet rarely mentioned. If you haven’t heard of them don’t feel bad. They are often over looked in gear suggestions and write ups yet all elite divers I know use them. Their benefit is great especially if your foot pocket fits a little loose. By holding the foot pocket against the bottom of the heel they limit or delete lost power. Without fin keepers every time you kick the fin the foot pocket will lift off your heel. Just a ¼” of movement away from the heel will result in major power loss. Power is lost but spent energy is unchanged. An Obvious bad combination for the freediver, who is relying solely on the breath of air he left the surface with to maintain life. Fin keepers keep the foot pocket tight against the heel giving the diver full fin power. You can’t truly appreciate them until you use them. When you do, you will notice the difference in power instantly. They also avoid the diver from kicking a fin off at any time during their dive. I am sure we can all agree that having this happen while freediving is a bad thing. The benefit of this 8 dollar item becomes obvious when we consider these benefits.

You can also make a pair by cutting an old surf sock or bootie one inch from the base of the toe. In other words cut it just ahead of the middle of the foot. You can then put them on over your bootie and over the fin pocket creating a very comfortable fin keeper. See, you where saving those old booties with the holes in them for a reason after all.

I decided I would dedicate this page to fin keepers, even if it required few words. I think they are that important and the amount of people in my classes that have never used them always amazes me. It is likely the best item you will have in your freediving arsenal for the price. Then again what else can you get for 8 bucks these days?

by David Hochman